Vagabond 14-Holder 14-Hobie One 14 Guide

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The following information is designed to help individuals distinguish between the Vagabond 14, the various Holder 14 and Hobie-One 14 sailboats. The information is by no means exhaustive or infallible but is meant to aid customers in selecting the correct products for their boats. The covers for all four models are the same, but there are differences in the sails.

Initial design and configuration
Vagabond 14
       -Produced starting in the mid to late 70’s until purchased by Hobie in 1983
       -Features a wooden daggerboard (vertically sliding) and wooden rudder
       -We believe this model was only offered with a hanked on jib – if your boat has a furler, it likely is not stock

Holder 14 (MKI)
       -Produced from 1983/84 until 1987
       -Features a wooden daggerboard (vertically sliding) and wooden rudder
       -This model was never officially referred to as the MKI but it makes it easier to differentiate from the MKII
       -The Vagabond 14 design was purchased by Hobie and renamed after the designer, Ron Holder
       -Virtually no changes other than the mainsail insignia and name were made

Changes to design and configuration
Holder 14 MKII
       -Production in 1987 (possibly the only year of production)
       -Mast was shortened from approximately 20’ to approximately 18.5’+
       -Transitioned from all aluminum mast to comptip (aluminum lower section and fiberglass tip)
       -This may have been when the spars started to come with black annodizing
       -Change from wooden rudder to fiberglass rudder
       -Change from wooden dagger board (vertically sliding) to fiberglass centerboard (pivots and swings up into the center of the boat)
       -We believe that roller furling jibs were first offered as an option at this time
       -Special Edition boats featured a boom vang and possibly roller furling as standard

Hobie-One 14
       -Produced from 1988 until the end of production
       -The rudder and pivoting centerboard are both made from fiberglass
       -The mast features a fiberglass comptip at the end of the aluminum extrusion
       -It is our understanding that this model was virtually the same as the Holder 14 MKII and was just another name and mainsail insignia change
       -We believe that the furling jib option became standard equipment on this model